31 July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008 - 12 comments

Where am I?

For some reason I'm too busy to sit down and blog or do anything more than what I really want to do right now. I do want to say hi though...in bullet formation.

*I went on an adventure by myself on Monday via the train to visit a dear friend who is also waiting on the adoption roller coaster with me. We shopped, talked, ate and just enjoyed a day together. I didn't want it to end. My journey on the train was incredible and I've been trying to find the words to put down to share with you. It was a moving experience.

*Big J is at camp. I miss him terribly. I feel like I haven't seen him all summer. He comes home on Saturday but that day can't come soon enough.

*I went to my first ever bachelorette party last week. Interesting is all I'm gonna say.

*We're off to a seaside wedding on Saturday. SO looking forward to sit hand and hand with my husband and watch two people exchange the vows I took with my own true love.

*Summit is wonderful, cute, and staring at me right now.

*We celebrated, okay not really celebrated, our 28th month of waiting for our baby girl on the 29th. I actually wasn't quite sure what the anniversary was.

*My entire front yard is dirt and now the entire inside of the house is dirt as well. It's a new look we're going for. Dusty, dirty digs. Hopefully we will have sod in soon to end this nightmare.

*I've been working on a post to share with you my new business adventure. Stay tuned!

*School starts in two weeks and I'm scared. 8th grade was a turning point for me, and I fret over it. Will is be a turning point for my own child?

*We are leaving for our final camping trip in a few days and I can barely contain the excitement.

*Finally, I am over loaded with work right now and am getting ready to fly out the door...thanks for letting me sit for a minute and say hi!


Wow Kayce, you are a busy girl! That's a good thing though...it makes time fly (or so they say). It sounds like you and Stephanie had a nice time together...I've always wanted to take a train trip. I bet it was beautiful

Don't get me started on the 8th grade thing. Although, Jacob seems like a pretty level headed kid...I'm sure he'll be fine!

Can't wait to hear about your new business adventure!

Busy girl...enjoy!

28 done!

Keep smilin!

Thanks for checking in! I'm already trying to figure out when I can get up your way again. I'll keep you posted :)


You are busy! I excited about your new biz!

You are busy, busy, busy!

Glad to hear Big J is coming home!

Cannot wait to hear about your new business venture!!!


What is it about 8th grade? Mine was an enormous turning point for me too. I worried when Michael hit it but he sailed right through. Maybe it's more of a girl thing? I dunno. Maybe.

Hey, see you tomorrow! So glad you can make it!


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wow, lots going on- can't wait to hear about this new business venture :)

Happy 28th..
Sounds like you are really busy...
The kids start on Monday...
can't believe it ..
Hugs girly..
Have a Great Weekend..

Have a great time at the wedding, a seaside wedding sounds so nice!

Excited to hear what you new business adventure will be!

Can't wait to hear about your new business venture.
Have a great time at the wedding and camping, sounds like your having a wonderful summer. ;)

xoxoxoxoxo sooooooo much! xoxoxo,me

Wow, you really are busy! Enjoy camping!