01 August 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008 - 11 comments


This week has been so incredibly long! I literally feel that a month has passed in a matter of just 5 days. But this is good, really.

I started this week spending almost 36 hours with this wonderfully artistic woman whom means the world to me and then I finished my week being spoiled enough to meet this gem! All the while a little salsa was thrown in, then some happiness was added, then was sprinkled with some adventure, oh and don't forget some really cool non blog (they may blog, but I forgot to ask) world moms, one of which has a daughter named Casey, and you've got connection.

Throughout this adoption journey I am continually amazed at the comroderey (I know that's spelled wrong) of the China adoptive mothers. But today while sitting around a large table surrounded by tired moms, hungry kids, and two waiting mothers, I realized I've made a connection not for me but for my daughter. She will be surrounded by moms who have walked ahead of me and by girls who will show her the way. And for those of us who are waiting, we can rest assured that there is someone there who will hold our hands till the end.


Oh man! You all got together without me? :) I tried to work it out so I could join you, but couldn't get out of work. Dang. Next time, for sure!

Wonderful to see you today, thank you so much for making the long drive. And thanks for the big hug. Wish we could have hung out even longer, but when Rose fell asleep in the middle of the worm/apple ride I had a feeling the girls were cooked. ;-)

Getting together with other blogger mommies is the only thing that makes this wait somewhat bearable.

As always, it was fun!



Sounds like a great time....how wonderful that you were all able to get together!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Well said and so true!

Glad you had a nice time with friends!

Have a great weekend!!

Oh Kayce... it was so amazing to meet you! Your beautiful smile still is clinging in my mind. It is so true how truly amazing it is to get to know others who are walking same path and have been already on that path. Like you, I know the connections I make along the way is for me but especially for my Tate. Next summer Jennifer and Tate will be hanging together either at the beach or in the mountains.... oh to dream!



they too, are the lucky ones, to have you! I feel pretty darn lucky to have you thats for sure.


What a fun time. I love that last bloggy paragraph. Very assuring. :-)
Terri (daisybox)

Ever since we brought Emily home we have met more and more families with children from China....they are always shy to approach, but then we all get talking about our kids and laughing and it feels good to be able to share. I just think it's important to connect for Emily, and she loves all kids, doesn't matter to her...everyone is a friend.....until they touch her toys..she is going thru a little terrible 2 thing....LOL

What a sweet post. It sounds like you had a great time!