23 June 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008 - 3 comments

It's New Music Monday!

Hey all! Happy Monday! Welcome back and I so hope you enjoy the song for the week. I recently discovered this song while watching the movie, Into The Wild. The soundtrack for the movie was performed by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, a band who is high on my list of favorites. While this song has also become a favorite of mine, I was surprised to learn more about the original singer and songwriter.

Hard Sun was written by Gordon Peterson and released on his only album "Big Harvest" in 1989. Instead of using his name above the album title he used "Indio", Peterson felt uncomfortable using his name because so many talented people were involved in recording Big Harvest. Talent which included David Rhodes, Larry Klein and his wife Joni Mitchell, Brenda Russell and sometime Robbie Robertson guitarist Bill Dillon. Peterson was dropped from the label A&M Records for unknown reasons and has hardly been heard from again. He has been touted as a songwriting genius.

The song Hard Sun deals metaphorically with mankind's lack of spirituality and disregard for the environment, seen through a man and women's relationship, as mentioned by Peterson. While the song nor album ever made the charts, it has finally become a hit thanks to the movie, Into The Wild and of course to Eddie Vedder.

I hope you liked this song enough to add it to your music library and enough to come back next week to see what's playing.


Hello my friend,

I can't tell you how touched I am to have received that beautiful card. I sat and had a good cry after reading. Which by the way, is good therapy. Your thoughtfulness in taking the time to reach out to me is appreciated more than I can say. YOU R SIMPLY THE BEST! I think that should be your next Monday song!

Have a great day.



PS. Did you do you new blog look? OMG, it is friggin awesome.

PS. the top I am wearing today is similar to that beautiful card!!

You have the coolest blog!! WOw the fire! We are in the haze over here. WHen will the smoke clear? Did you get the lightening? I am getting confused where all the fires are!