12 June 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008 - 8 comments

Thankful Thoughts

I am thankful that I walked hand in hand with my son and husband into the ASPCA on April 14th, 2000 and saw Molly sitting in her cage waiting and wanting to get out. She had an E posted on her paperwork. The E ment that April 14th 2000 would have been her last day.

I am thankful we took her home.

I am thankful that we fell in love with her even though she was hard to handle in the beginning.

I am thankful that she changed our minds about the English Springer Spaniel breed. Especially after SO many people said they are "too hyper." I'm glad we didn't believe them.

I am thankful that the breeder we found Ella at held her an extra week with no deposit until we could drive the 7 hours to pick her up. May 1, 2004.

I am thankful for the 4 years that Ella and Molly shared together.

I am thankful for English Springer Rescue America for everything they do. Amazing people, truly amazing people.

Today I am most thankful for my first dog, Molly Sue. She has made my life richer.

I AM NOT thankful for the way I look in this picture...YUCK! Us girls were working on a new skin for the blog, because the current skin is just a yucky as this picture of me! A new look is on the way.....


Beautiful post. We just lost our Lucy the basset hound last week at a young age and our next dog will probably be an older one..I sooo appreciated this

Many reasons to be thankful! You look just lovely in that pic..so hush!

Keep smilin!

I actually love this picture of you! It shows what a wonderful human you are to love those puppies the way you do!

Yeah, they look like they live the high life!

Great post my friend as usual. Can't wait to see that new look.

I still am looking for pictures of that nursery!


only dog people truly 'get' this post - beautiful.
and you look fabulous in the photo - really!
we would soooooo be dog walking buddies if we lived close by.....

What a handsome guy! I loved your referral story...how exciting and yes, truly meant to be. I'm glad that Summitt will be able to fill a little of that emptiness for you guys and Ella. I love his name too! Congrats to you happy parents!!

I think that's a great picture of you, surrounded by your pups.

You girls look so sweet!!! :)

Glad to hear about all your thankful things-- you have many. I am never in pictures becnuase I am always taking the pics but when i see myself I always cringe-- it is never a pretty site-- yuck!!! i cant wait to see your new look!! I will check back to see :)

Christy :)