25 June 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - 5 comments

Sick of fires!

Okay I swear this will be the last post about fire. But once again a fire is affecting my life. We've had a camping trip planned for almost 7 months and you guessed it, campground closed due to a HUGE fire! I thought for sure we could still get down there, but after talking to my uncle who is there fighting the said fire, we must cancel. So bummed! More bumming is the fact that we were to meet up with these wonderful folks and now it may not happen. And the most bumming of all this....it's Big Sur. So sad.

Well we wont be dragged down, I must get out of town! The air here is so horrible, it's starting to look like I'm back in L.A., crazy! Today I couldn't see a single mountain. This fire season is expected to be the worst in California history, and it's only June. My uncle said to be prepared. So we are taking inventory of our home and it's contents as well as putting together an emergency pack in the car, yeah I know I should already have one.

Have you ever thought of what you would take with you if you had 15 to 30 minutes to get out of your house? On Friday we thought just important papers like homeowners insurance, birth and marriage certificates and of course all of baby J's paperwork. Then on Saturday we started looking around and realizing we could never replace the embroidery of our wedding that someone made for us, or paintings my stepmom did for us or what about our wedding pictures, we have the negatives and both sets that were made. So we are putting together a list of things to take if this happens again. And once again in my life, I am doing something that my parents have always done, not me.

Being grown up sucks sometimes.

Well I've got to find a campground somewhere in Cali that doesn't have fire around it, isn't booked and isn't more than 4 hours away.

Yeah I know...best of luck!


Sux! It is scary and maddening and surreal. I can not imagine how hard it would be to put your important life pieces together and ready to leave if danger arrived.

Stay safe & I hope you get to go camping!

Keep smilin!

Good luck with the campground thing. We are surrounded by fires too.... we can not even see our back fence for the smoke. YUCK. It feels like ALL of Cali is ablaze!

Oh Kayce! So sorry you had to cancel your camping trip! I hope you find another site!

I know what you mean about how hard it would be to lose anything in a fire. It's not the money, but the sentimental value so many things we accumulate have!

and yes, being grown up sucks sometimes :)

Good luck planning a trip. Hopefully something will work out for you.

If I only had 15 minutes to grab stuff out of our house I can almost guarantee I would panic and take stupid stuff. It's good, I GUESS, that you have some time to think about it...just in case.

Planning for disaster isn't fun. I'm sure there would be so many things I'd miss if I came home and my former house was just a pile of ashes. Or if someone stole everything. Or if an earthquake hit and all our treasures were buried under a bunch of rubble.

One thing I did recently was create some photo books. The digital copy is stored online so I can always reprint the books if something happens to our computer or our hard copy here at home. I included large photos of all of our original art (painted by family members - many of whom are no longer living). This way, we have something to remember if we lose the irreplaceable original. I even scanned our wedding album and included that in our book. There are no other copies of our wedding photos before we did this. I think I'll scan important documents and print them in book form too. Just having a copy might be handy some day, right?

If Murphy's Law is accurate, just being this prepared will mean we'll never actually need the precautions I'm taking. ;)