31 May 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008 - 10 comments

It's all over now!!

We caved and got a Wii......ohhhhh nooooo! Come on, J did INCREDIBLE in junior high this year and really deserved it!!!! ;)

Off to get the WiiFit* tomorrow.

Who needs to leave their house to do anything anymore?!?!?!?!

This is fricking ingenious! Why did I not think of this??

Off to sweat some more and kick my families a$$ in bowling! Yeah I know it's almost midnight...but come on!


We love our Wii! Haven't gotten the WiiFit yet. I hear they're kind of hard to get right now. Good Luck!

I just noticed the time on your post. I'm up too! Sadly, it's just me and the dog. We're not playing the Wii :)
I just can't sleep and I'm doing out budget for this month. I really must get a life.

OMG! I love our Wii! We got Wii Fit and it's so much fun! You really do work up a sweat. You'll have a blast with it.

Another Wii junkie :0) I won't even go there...I like leaving the house and it would be dangerous for me not to do so ;0)

It IS addictive isn't it? I've been catching up on your posts and read your previous one. I'm sorry the wait is so excruciating. I thought ours would never end and we almost gave up on China. But God knew best and if we had not waited, our son would not have been born and we would never have received him. There is a child God has in store for you and you will get her and when you do, you will not be able to stop looking at the awesome gift you've received.

I wanna Wii too!


Love your May 29th post.

Hang in there friend!


That WiiFitt looks like a great FUN way to get active!

We love the Wii!! I want to get wii fit...a video game that helps you get fit?? what's better than that?? When your'e mad at someone, boxing is a great releaser!

Yipee, so jelous up here in the North..
Well deserved, have a blast, hope you love WiiFit, hard to find in our area...

Kayce, I got my Wii last year for my birthday. Lane miraculously stumbled on one. We bought Wii*Fit a few weeks ago and love it. If you are out of shape like I am, you will definitely be huffing and puffing. It's better than paying a personal trainer on a regular basis.