24 April 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008 - 4 comments

Thoughts for a Thursday

Some things going through my head...

Sewing is so fun! I can't get enough!

Steel Cut Oatmeal is sooooo good!!!

Can the weather get any better than this?!?!?! 70 today!!!

Thinking positively is hard work, but worth every thought! On Monday, I had an older gentleman come up to me while I was loading my groceries in the car to tell me I was beautiful and that he hoped someone told me that everyday. I told him that yes I do have someone tell me that everyday, my husband. He smiled and said that my husband was a lucky man. I then got in my car and sat there for a minute and asked myself why I can't think myself to be beautiful, but then I remembered...I said in my morning meditation that today I'd look at myself with brighter eyes and just love who I was for that day. I'm thinking it worked.

It's been six weeks since the doctor told us Molly's cancer was back. http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif She thought we'd have 2 to 6 weeks with her. This week Molly has shown a little more of a slow down and has a look in her eye we haven't seen before. Oh this is hard!

Exercise is so good for my ole blood sugars! I must keep at it! I've taken 2 VERY long walks on the beach this week and since then my BS has been under 200, HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!

The adoption. The adoption is always in my thoughts. Always. I'm ready. I'm TRYING VERY HARD TO THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS HERE!

The May issue of National Geographic is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!!

I LOVE my fish oil! I take it EVERYDAY!!

Okay...my head is empty of thoughts...must go to work now.


I've started sewing as well, I find it relaxing and frustrating at the same time. Does that even make sense?

Please don't rub it in about the great weather, it's been snowing here all week.

Doesn't it feel good to just get it all out there?!? I, too, love an 'empty' brain.

Great news on improving BS...it's so much easier in the warm months when it is enjoyable to get exercise.

I agree - the Nat Geo is very good...I'm digging my way through it and learning a lot.

You're right about positive thinking being hard work-but I'm doing it. And I have been feeling so much better! I can't live without my fish oil. I swear if I don't take it, my mind feels cloudy and I make more mistakes at work.

I fell off the positive thinking wagon today, you my friend have pulled me back on!!
So glad your enjoying the new sewing machine, wish I could sew, maybe in the fall when both girls are at school I might just learn(there's that positive thinking, wink).
I am sending out love and hugs for Molly.