08 February 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008 - 4 comments

Take Two - UPDATE!

Update - When I told the processer about my lost fingerprints she was SHOCKED! She had never heard of this happening before because it's impossible she said. "They are done in a computer." Well duh I said!! Well here I am again and here is the proof that that lady over there did them 4 months ago. She then came up with a thought..."perhaps the person didn't hit the finish button when she was done last time." THANKS!!! So this time the lady let me wait until a confirmation number showed up on the screen.

Any bets that we get our updated I-171 in about a week??


Off to get my "computerized" fingerprints done for the second time!
Well the third time if you count our original prints done two years ago now.
Yes I will definitely ask how you loose fingerprints that were done on a computer not on paper.
I'd love to understand this!
Do you think my fingerprints are now owned by someone else??


Our provincial government decided that we now have to update our homestudy because of the long waits. It makes me made that we have to keep proving ourselves worthy to be parents.

I know my fingerprints change all the time!

Keep smilin!

Those are beautiful fingerprints!!

Hmmm.....who knows where those prints will turn up!

Very saxy ridges you have there ;0)