08 February 2008



Keep smilin!


YUUUUMMM!!! Those look tastier than my potstickers.

Did you eat them all??? I would eat them all...that's why I don't bake!

I would definitely eat them all!

Oh my, I am on it!


MMMM. I saw those and decided that I too would eat them ALL and skipped it.... I made the rasberry chocolate oatmeal bars instead... I don't think I actually avoided any of those calories! :)

This is sin in a cup!!! Being this kind of sinner, I will be making this! Yummmm....


Ok...need more details. Is that icecream??

Would you kindly package some and send them my way? Cuz that is what I call YUM.

Hey there fellow rat. My birthday is May 15th. Do you think our daughters will be rats as well??!!

Oh my word...those look so worth the lump they would put on my butt!

Nummy They look HUGE on my PC screen. I want to climb inside of it.