25 February 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008 - 8 comments

Getting back in the saddle

Some bullets on life:

*Well things are getting better here!! YEAH!! I still am absolutely exhausted by 1pm and I've got a nasty little chest rattle, but other than that I'm up and trying to get back in the saddle again.

*We've got a major party this coming weekend for my parents 30th wedding anniversary and I'm running around bleaching my house and getting everything ordered and set for a romantic party for two wonderful people.

*I'm playing catch up on all the houses I had to cancel on while I was sick. No fun!

*We suddenly and I mean suddenly got a hormonal teenager in the house and let me tell you I'll take the terrible two's again over this. After several days of yelling and doors slamming in my face, I finally sat the boy down and said, "NO MORE!! I'm in charge here, NOT YOU!" Things are better today, but I'm just waiting for the other side to come back out again. Pray for us here!!!

*We're coming up on our 23rd LIDversary on Friday! Holy shit! 23 months of waiting for our dream. I'll keep waiting!

*I've got a newly painted room and trimmed out windows! My wonderful husband who can't sit still even if he's got a fever, has been slowly bustin out our bedroom. Oh wait till you all see this!!!! We now spend at least an hour in there every night just talking, it's our sanctuary. I'll get pics up as soon as the finishing touches are added.

*We did have an absolutely romantic Valentine's Day despite the crud. We ended up celebrating on Saturday. We stayed up all night talking and listening to the music mix I made among other things. Unfortunately, our evening made both of us worse then better. Oh well, it was worth it!

*I am still catching up on blogs.

*I went for a walk on the beach today after a two week sickness break! It was WONDERFUL! And the dogs who have been taking care of us were especially happy to finally get back to the beach.

*I washed my sheets in Dref*t by mistake while I was sick. This is not good while you are delirious with fever. I kept having wild dreams about the baby and where she was, I thought she was in my bed somewhere. I'd wake up in a sweat thinking to myself, "when did we go to China?".

Okay...I must go be active in disinfecting my house!


oh it's the same here, we have really considered burning the sheets and buying new! LOL

Congrats on 23!

I used Johnson and Johnson lotion while I was waiting for Emily....just loved that baby smell...guess it's nesting....

Oh i am so sorry you have been sick....we are fighting it here as well. Where is Mr. Sun??? ;) Hope you are feeling better soon!

I am so happy to see you are getting better. Be careful not to do too mcu and relapse!

I have those hormonal things at my house too. There is this book that i keep goign back to when it gets too rough. "Boundaries for Kids' by Townsend and Cloud. I can literally just open to some random page and it will end up descibing the exact thing I am dealing with and tell me how to handle it and it works perfectly...unitl next time.

I love how your bedroom is a sanctuary and how you stayed up all night together. What a lovely marriage you have and a really good guy.

I send you wishes for a speedy full recovery and hopes that you will go easy for a while.

Yay! You're back! Glad you are feeling better. Whatever it is that is going around, it is nasty. My hubby just got over it too. All my fingers are crossed that I don't get it too.

I hear ya, sista! Welcome back. This sick is draining half the country and that flu shot is a joke. I have one of those kids too. He has an alter ego that is routinely invited to leave the party. I even have a not so nice name for that big bundle of boy monster. Welcome to the club. We send membership cards...

glad your back!


Glad you're starting to see the light! You guys have too much energy even when you're not feeling well. I just look at Nate and say "Go fend for yourself today." (jk!) You & hubby talk for an hour??!! We need to interview you for our marriage series at church (lol). That's awesome!

Hey I would love to exchange quilt squares. I have the perfect one for you already! I can't believe it's been 23 months since your LID. I'll never complain about our wait again. Crazy! I will pray that you get the best mother's day present ever...your referral and photo of your little girl.

Glad your on the mend! I feel your pain with regards to the hormonal teenager...my Jacob is following right behind yours..."God give me strength!"