20 February 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - 20 comments

Still alive, barely

I haven't died. Yet.

The person running our house right now is 12 years old, as both parents are in bed. SICK

I have NEVER been this sick in my life. Today is the first day since Sat. that I've been able to sit at the computer for more than 15 minutes. I've been here 20 and I'm ready to be in bed again.

When I pushed J out the door this morning for school he was coughing and looking a little pale...oh Lord who is gonna take care of us if he gets sick!

I have lots to post but no energy to do so....back soon.


My goodness.....lots and lots of OJ and rest!!

Take care...we can wait.

Good lawd girl! Get some rest and relax...

We'll all still be hanging around when you get back...

Off to bed with ya!


Harsh! Hope no one get worse and only gets better.

Keep smilin!

P.S. Being sick has not affected your tase. I ADORE the song you chose to play.

So sad you are sick... wished I could bring some good old fashion chicken soup for your family. I swear by a good bowl of it!!! Hope you feel better soon!


Keep fightin' the fight, girl.

I hope you're feeling better by now!

sending get well wishes

hugs, you. xo

Ugg! I had it and it's BAD! Feel better, Lisa

hang in there babe. it will be better soon. you need to give jake a mask!!!!!

HOLY COW!! Your still sick--both of you??? How horrible. I too was deathly ill a few months ago but than God Kevin was there to take care of things. What a challenge for a 12 year old-- GOOD JOB!!! Anyway, hope you both feel better. It is really going aound right now-- eveyone is sick as dogs!!

Christy :)

Oh man I'm sorry you guys got the uckies. Feel better soon :)

Oh no!! I am so sorry! Poor baby! It is the worst when the mom is sick. Everyone can get hit but not herrrrr!

I wondered where you were when I was posting photos of our Santa Cruz trip! I thought you might have something to say...

I hope and pray you get better soon. Take good care of yourself.

Get better. We miss you.


Get well soon...being sick sucks.

Its the next day and I came over to see how you are! Poor baby. Feel better soon (it would be an extra big bummer to miss the weekend!!)lol

Hope you feel better soon. Being sick is as bad as this wait.

ugh - this flu that is going around is miserable... take care!

Oh gosh!! I am so sorry you are still sick! The bugs going around right now are terrible! I pray you feel better soon! hang in there!!

Just stay down girl. My word, I haven't seen anyone as sick as you with this terrible flu that is going around.
I will keep hoping for you to be feeling better soon.