04 February 2008


Im sooo excited for these families!!!

It seems weird to get excited over eight days- but we are, aren't we?

Zippy - I am actually starting to feel 'close'. A little crazy but it works for me.

I can't believe you'll be in China in a week. That is SO AWESOME!!! We are totally excited for you guys. Soak in every single minute. One thing we did (by accident) and I'm so glad we did, was to take video of our walks through the town...the people...the stores...the traffic! Looking back, I'm glad we have that video of the city to show our son what it looked like back then. We'll keep you in prayer about your travel and look forward the photos of your new baby!

P.S. we had a cold rainy day today so I made your Beef Barley Soup. It was SOOOOO good! Thanks for the recipe.

8 days, we're on an upswing!!

8 days! Woo Hoo!

Doesn't this feel like a giant leap forward?!