30 January 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - 13 comments

My creativity you ask...

My post from yesterday brought up some question of my creativity. Well here's the answer to your questions...

Yes I made that.

Nope it's not bubble gum.

Yes they are treasures!!!

No it's not a broken necklace.

That my friends is all the sea glass I've collected in the last two years! I walk the beach constantly looking for "treasures", sea glass. Right now is the BEST time of year to find pieces laying on the beach because of the storms. When I find a piece I almost jump for joy! Yes strange I know.


Those are beautiful treasures.

Keep smilin!

I've heard rumors about sea glass...being as we live in the desert. That is so cool! I would be excited to find some too.

What a pain in the you know what about CIS. I'm sure they have them...probably stuck them under someone else's name. DOH!

This summer we visited Glass beach on the northern coast and I couldn't believe how much glass there was. People were making jewlry out of it and selling it right there. You could pick up handfulls of it with no sand. You probably already know all about that place, but it reminded me of it. Kayce, thank you for you sweet comment!! I mean it. Also,I think you missed it but I had been waiting for you to visit and see the magazine photo of an oil painting of a dog that I thought looked like yours. Next time you come to my blog, scroll down and check it out.

How awesome...one more reason to live near the water (this coming from someone who lives in Arizona)!

Thanks for all the pics. Very pretty, some look like they are covered in sugar.

love sea glass - very pretty!!!

I keep thinking that I will look along the shore for sea glass, but I usually end up dropping my butt in a chair and that's as far as I get on the hunt for sea glass. You have quiet a large collection!

OK, so does the glass come from the sea-- as in made in the sea or is it pieces of glass that have molded together like volcanic or sedimentary rock. As you can see I am totally clueless but I just thought I woudl ask.

Christy :)

Wow, you've got quite alot! When I get to the beach in March I will definately keep my eyes peeled for this treasure!

Girl, I can't even TELL you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE beach glass!!!!!! Now I know what I'm going to be doing this summer :)

any bottles with notes in them? And not talking about Jose Cuervo with a worm in it.

And what if the note read, "Let me out". :)

Those are beautiful pieces!