29 January 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - 10 comments

GREAT! Thanks a lot!!!

A few things I learned today...

* My local CIS office has a number that shows up as UNKNOWN NAME - UNKNOWN NUMBER. I do not answer those calls. They usually are telemarketers, sorry if you are one, but...

* My fingerprints have vanished into thin air.

* I have NO, I repeat NO way of calling back the officer who called me because I have NO number to call. Nothing is listed and there is NO number on any form I have.

* The message that was left said they have been sending me fingerprint petition forms several times, and are wondering why I'm not coming in.

* I've received nothing in the mail from CIS. And trust me I've been waiting for the mail lady EVERYDAY for SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to come from CIS because we redid our fingerprints, home study and all that jazz in AUGUST folks!!! Our mailbox has been empty of anything from CIS.

* I have proof that I've been fingerprinted. Same day as my husband was and they have his prints.

* My fingerprints have danced away! Gee Thanks!

So much for an enjoyable day celebrating our lidaversary!


Maddening!!! Hope it turns up soon.

Keep smilin!

That's the gov't for ya, it sucks..hope things get better...

I'm so sorry! Gotta love bureaucracy, huh?

CIS probably dialed the wrong number.

Are these your fingerprints for your I-171H renewal? If so, weren't they done electronically? They do ours electronically in Phoenix...probably less chance of then loosing them that way.
This sucks...let's know what happens!

Our fingerprints got lost also our first time. We went and reprinted and then all of a sudden a random agency from your neck of the woods (northern CA) called and said they had our prints. I called my agency adn they said we had to wait for the new ones to come back because they could not use the ones that had been sent to the wrong agency. I was so so so pissed!!! Whatever the case, it worked out-- FINALLY!!

Christy :)

Holy Crap! You gotta go P.I. on them and figure out a way to talk to someone - that's CRAZY!! Get on the horn and give em what for!!


I loathe incompetence... sorry you're having to deal with these people!

Anything dealing with the government drives me crazy. Hope you get it all sorted out soon.