14 December 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007 - 8 comments

Nothing like seeing the moon in the morning!

Here's the scene....

J and I are late getting to school.
We still haven't picked up the best friend and I'm racing down the streets, okay not really racing but I'm late!!!
We are driving down this street and see a car up ahead with the flashers on in the middle of the road. The car starts to move to the side as we are approaching but then stops again. I start to make my way into the oncoming lane (we're on a "country" road so no need to worry about hitting oncoming traffic). As I come up to the car a man like this pops out the door and puts his hand out as if he is waving hi.
I cautiously drive past as I realize he has his thumb out.
ME: Um yeah right dude!!!
Well I drive by notice that he is now flipping me off!
ME: F YOU dude!!
He is now in the middle of the road flipping out screaming at me and flipping me off.
I drive a little faster at this point.
I check the rear view to make sure this physco isn't running after us. And low and behold guess what this guy is doing
That's right! Showing me what an asshole he really is!!!!

The rest of the drive to school I'm fuming! I should have been laughing, but I was mad! Did that guy actually think that I was going to stop and pick him up on a deserted road. Hello I'm a woman with child in the car!! OMG! Then when I didn't stop, he has the nerve to show me his Ahole! ARGH!

Needless to say I honked my horn and sped away! Of course J thought the whole ordeal to be pretty funny.

Happy Friday to me!


Sorry I am laughing at that story!

Too funny! I sort of laughed but I too would've had my heart pounding worried about him coming after me. That's just sick. I can't believe people still even think about hitch-hiking.

BTW, did he really show you is Ahole or just his ass??? I don't want to see anyone's Ahole - not even my own.

How funny. COme on Kayce-- why didnt you just pick him up-- im sure he was a nice guy-- HAHA!!! No way I woudl ever stop-- especailly if he looked like that. Plus I guess you got to see some true colors with the nice "moon".

Hope the day goes better!!

Christy :)

Wow. That is...uhm...an interesting beginning to a (hopefully) very nice weekend.

Love your new look, btw. XO

What a meano freako. He probably has a cell phone and no friends.

ROFL!!!! That sounds like something that would happen to me!

BTW - LOVE your new blog look! (I haven't been here in a while *hanging head in shame*)

You have got to wonder what goes through a person's head... I mean, at what point does mooning seem like the way to go?!

he looks rather friendly to me

like I'll eat your heart over a bbq sort of way