14 November 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 6 comments

Words on Wednesday

I'm still not quite ready to jump back into the bloggy world, but I wanted to take a moment and say hi. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers right now they are so appreciated, but I have a favor....

Many of you may have heard about a family who is currently in China now and the father/husband passed away after he fell into a diabetic coma. I am so so sad about this as he was a diabetic like me. Us diabetics are a rare breed and loosing someone in our breed is unimaginable. My heart breaks. PLEASE pray for them instead of us, as our problems are NOTHING in comparison.

PS - Next time you talk with someone who has diabetes, give them a hug and ask to learn more about our disease.


Okay...Miss you much. One rare breed to another.

I had read about this tragedy and have continued to pray for his family and especially his wife.

But there is always room to pray for you too. God's got gigantic ears.

I posted too... this is tragic. Did you see the link? They are in my prayers and I'm making a phone call today.

I just read about this on Steph's link. How horrific.

Glad to see you back even for a moment. My thoughts are with the family and with you.

I thought of you as soon as I heard this story...it's so horrible. My Dad is a diabetic, so I am constantly educating myself. I'll be sure to give him a hug next time I see him...I'll even throw one in from you!