23 November 2007


A wonderful view and defo. a great thing to be thankful for.

Keep smilin!

Have a fabulous time! I am thankful for you, my sister...

Absolutely beautiful! Have a wonderful time.

Sheesh - Some people have all the luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so jealous. Where were these pictures taken? That's my kind of camping!!

OH IM so happy you are back!! I have not checked in a while so I am glad you are back. I love the view and hope you had a great time!! Looking forward to your blog again!!

Chrisyt :)

That's one hell of a great view!

Oh sure...rub it in! :) I will be sleeping in a cold dorm up north the next few nights! :)

I know exactly where that is! We have never camped overnight there, but have stopped for a picnic lunch many, many times. Have a great, non-stressful time!


I cannot say "no" to holiday stress. I am a holiday floozy, I say yes to everything. ;)

I'm glad Mike is cancer-free too and there is so much in your life to be thankful for. Happy holiday season!