03 October 2007


That picture is in my home...but it seems worlds away in more than just the physical sense.

Still, it keeps me focused.

"What is 'Where I want to be?' Alex?"

Keep smilin!

At the rate we are going that wall is going to decay and crumble before we get there.

Kayce - I am sorry, that wasn't a very cheery post I just left on your blog. I am looking forward to seeing a picture of this great wall all of us standing on it during a return visit when our daughters are older.

I tend to have wordless weeks!

Well, it can be said that we are in fact climbing one big giant wall... someday we'll get there!

terri made me laugh! :)

...you know, I've climbed the Great Wall several times and I thought it was a VERY steep/exhausting climb. It doesn't even compare to this wait!!!

It's comming!!! It will be here before you know it. Stay strong and keep the faith!!!!!

Christy :)