05 October 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007 - 6 comments

What did I do??

I napped! Yes folks I took a nice 2 hour nap on the floor of the nursery, in the sun. Ahhhhhhh

But wait! I got up and vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and straightened up! Then I picked up J at school and went running on the beach for an hour! I told you the nap would make me feel guilty!

Hey it's Friday thank GOD! It's been a tough week and I'm ready for some down time. The weekend ahead is going to be beautiful and sunny! On Sunday we get to take the girls (dogs) to church to be blessed!!! I'm so excited and it is ever so awesome that we get to take Molly who is still in remission. We might go to Big Sur tomorrow and just hang together and enjoy the beauty and be far away from our kitchen nightmare!

What are you doing this fall weekend??



Your church lets you bring DOGS? That is so cool.

Tonight is normal life stuff for me: shampoo carpets, laundry, pay bills, shop for new sheets for the bed. Saturday, block party and who knows, and Sunday I am going to Kansas City with a girlfriend, which will be fun. Enjoy Big Sur! I wish I lived near the ocean. You can enjoy it for both of us!

I'm wishing it would drop below 85 degrees this weekend (not gonna happen)!! Hope yours is good!

ooohhh...big sur! Ihave never been in the fall. lucky! have a good weekend!

I'm going to clean my house and maybe mow the lawn! Lots of fun here:)

Right now I'm enjoying that Autumnal morning chill in my kitchen. I love it - not too cold, but def slipper worthy. I didn't realize you were in NoCal....samesame!

hmmm, I don't know, but while you have all that energy can you come over to our house?!? I need some serious vacuuming and straightening here...LOL>