12 September 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - 5 comments

THE vacuum cleaner

As some of you know I run a small cleaning business, I really do love what I do and I most definately love my clients. Since starting Keep It Clean 4 years ago, I've used a Dyson as my vacuum of choice, I even bought one for our house, LOVE them!! BUT now I have found something new and I'm going out to buy one immediately! They are so damn cute too!

Check out the Kenmore Blue Magic! This cutie is so light and easy to opperate, a child could get the job done. They don't work too well on carpets, but are absolute wonders for hard surface floors, if you've got hardwood through out like me, BUY THIS!! Sheeesh for 90 bucks!! Totally worth every penny! I only wish it didn't have bags, love that about my Dyson's, and I wish it came in red, so I could put black dots on it so it looked like a ladybug following me around.

Okay enough of the vacuum push...Back to our regularly scheduled program...


oh your good. You have me looking it up now!

Shh, I secret love vacuums...I hate to clean but I like the tool I use to clean with...a little crazy but that's me!

i don't know girlfriend...it would take a LOT to separate me from my dyson!

Can you get Kenmore to pay you for this post?

Yeah, I'm a Dyson junkie, and I cannot part from my big purple Animal. I have 4 cats, and the hair that comes off of them is enough to stuff a pillowcase! lol... However, we DO have laminate flooring through the entire house and I might be able to justify another vacuum fir upstairs so I dont' have to carry the Dyson all over the place...Hmmm....