15 September 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007 - 10 comments

UPDATE: My beautiful memory has turned into a nightmare

UPDATE: First of all thank you for all your kind words...yes, things will be okay. At the moment we are letting things dry out and no longer have an ice maker or water dispenser, which bums me out, I LOVE MY ICE MAKER AND WATER DISPENSER. So we aren't sure if we will loose the entire floor in the kitchen yet, but we will need to rip apart some walls and baseboards. Not bad. IF we have to rip out the floors...there goes my first class ticket to China. Will keep you all updated....

So today was going along smoothly! Mike and I were going to do a few things around the house then spend our first date anniversary at the fair later on. Well that has now been replaced by hell!

One of the things Mike wanted to do today was install our surround speakers in the living room. So under the house he goes...only to come back in and go directly to the kitchen and proceeds to move the fridge. Of course I must ask what he is doing since we are not putting surround sound in our kitchen...he proceeds to tell me that there is running water under our beautiful home that is coming from the area of the fridge. (Insert scream here) We've been wondering what was happening to the wood floors in the area, but put it off to the beach moisture, the buckling wasn't too bad, barely noticeable. The smell in the bathroom, directly behind the fridge wall, was something I've never been able to figure out. It smells but it's not a gross smell. Well now looking closer, there is water through the drywall and plastered walls. (Insert bad words here)

He has just informed me it is BAD. This has been going on for at least 3 years, since we installed the wood floors in the kitchen. My request of course.

I am sick to my stomach.


AUGH!!!! If you put the fridge back and ignore it will it go away? I am sorry.

OMG... I'm sorry to hear your anniversary has turned bad. What a terrible thing to find. I hope it can be fixed without too much turmoil. :o(

I'm sorry your anniversary has been ruined by a home emergency. You are lucky to have such a wonderful memory of how you and your man met. You are lucky that he's handy enough to do things for you around the house. I hope this can be fixed simply and with little $$.

oohhhh. that's not good. :(

Ugh...keep us updated and I hope it is not really bad.

Keep smilin!

You still have wine, right? I bet it doesn't look so bad through a bottle of wine. Too bad you gave up smoking. I'm sure the smoke would make it look even better. My thoughts are with you and Mike during this tragic time. I think I saw something like this on one of the home shows...Maybe you can get one of them to come and save the day?!

omg - well, the bright side is that you found out before more damage could be done.

I know. It's still pretty sucky, huh?


Ditto Allison...lol.

Sorry to hear it sweetie - I know how that kinda stuff can be!!!!