07 September 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007 - 7 comments

Dreams do come true.

I just got back from back to school night and I'm all smiles!!!!! As I was walking to J's first period, something was jogged in my memory. I dreamed of doing this when I was 12 or 13 years old. I remembered wanting to be the parent walking around checking out my kids classes and going through his day and all that jazz. It was a strange experience, because all I could really think about is the fact that for the first time in my life, I accomplished something I never thought I'd get to do, beside the birth of my son. It was surreal.

I remember being jealous when my parents went to my back to school nights, because I knew then that I would never be able to have children, and this was one thing I wanted to experience. Maybe my youth had a lot to do with what I was told I'd never be able to experience, so I made sure that I experienced them if I could. And let me tell you I was not afraid of anything. Now I wish I could have my youth back, yes give it back to me!!!

Tonight was one of those moments I've dreamed about and man is it a weird feeling. As I sat answering all the questions from J, I wanted to cry. I remember those same questions coming out of my own mouth and the excitement he was feeling tonight was parallel to mine when I was his age.

So I leave with my Thankful Thursday....

My doctors from my youth. You told me I couldn't. I did.

My family. You took care of me and kept me healthy when you were scared to death of my present and my future. Thank you for loving me.

God. For blessing me with the things I always dreamed of but never thought I be granted. For my son who is a true miracle of your work. For my life, as hard as I make it, I remember how easy you make it for me. You are awesome!

My health. I am blessed and cursed, and I will try my hardest to make the most of it.


I can so relate.
Great post!

I never thought I would have kids either... well, probably I wasn't supposed to but I did and it's all fine, so I know what you mean...it's weird to be a kid and already be tapped into that grown up concept of "not being able to have children"... not your typical kid concern!

But, it's wonderful when it all works out. :-)

Wow, what a beautiful post! I can't imagine what it's like, being told even as a child that you wouldn't have kids. I can't imagine how a child gets their head around that, or if you would have even known what that truly meant. But to then have the experience YOU had last night... what a gift... Thank you for sharing!

Wonderful post.

thank you for 'letting us in' - quite a beautiful thing!
best, c&e.

It's funny how life repeats it's self...everything comes full circle.

What a great post. And how cool that things have worked out the way they have for you. Life is funny that way.

P.S. - Sure wish I could remember what I was thinking way back then. ;-)