05 September 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007 - 9 comments

Whine Induced Post

SO I've decided to act, look and be pregnant. It seems that is what the world around me wants, SO I give in and I will take the challenge! Yes, silly folks, I KNOW I can't get pregnant, BUT I can sure as hell act and try to look pregnant!! Why not? everyone else around me is pregnant, why shouldn't I?? And hell with this wait....what else is there to do?!?!?!?!?! And also, we really could have 9 months left in this wait if you really think about it.

SO you ask, what's up Kayce?? Well it seems I've been subjected to MANY pregnant women lately...

...the woman who bought Jacob's old bed on Sunday...3 months along and of course when I mentioned we were adopting, she shut up and went and sat in her car for 1/2 hour until her boyfriend came and picked up the bed.

...my sister who is WANTING to get pregnant. AND is unmarried, jobless and has no place to live.

...The Dugger Familywho are now on 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And gee they named her Jennifer.

...the woman in the store who rubbed her belly every time she passed me.

...and my favorite!...the VERY pregnant 13 year old who walked out of the doctors office today when I was walking out with Jake. The conversation that happened after was one I was hoping wouldn't happen for a while yet, but it did...(I'm one of those mom's that doesn't keep too much secret from my children)
J - Mom, when did you have sex for the first time?
ME - Um yeah. Um, are you ready for this conversation?
J - Yeah. Are you?
Me - Yeah, but I want you to understand that I made horrible mistakes in my youth that I have to deal with today as in right now.
J- That's okay mom, how old were you?
Me - Young
J - How young
Me - 13
Me - Are you okay?
J - Yeah, but that's like my age.
Me - I know buddy, I did say I made horrible choices and I am trying to make sure you don't make those same choices. That's why I don't work and am here for you. That's why it's SOOOO important to talk about everything! EVERYTHING!! I've. Been. There. (The conversation was more than that, but I'll save you the hour long conversation that went on through dinner.)
J - So that girl was pregnant and she's like my age.
Me - Yup!
J - WOW!
ME - Wait Jacob. Wait until the day you get married. Although I had you out of wedlock, I wouldn't change my choice, but PLEASE wait.
J - Okay Mom, I'm done with this conversation. But it makes me sad that you can't have babies and neither can your friends online, but she can. She's too young.
Me - I know buddy, I know.

So fuck it! I'm gonna gain 40 pounds, go buy me some clothes at Motherhood, eat some peanut butter and pickles and shit, just complain! FOR. THE. NEXT. NINE. MONTHS! OH and work on my nursery!!!!! Which I have pictures for you all....but not on this computer.

I'm so sorry if I offended anyone, I'm just having one of those days.


God I hate those days. I haven't had one in awhile(knock on wood). What an honest conversation you had with your son. Your son will become a better person for it. I wish I had that kind of honesty in my life when I was a teen.

Don't do it!!! Don't gain the 40lbs. I did and I am paying for it! Use a pillow & stuff it under your shirt.

We've all had those days.

Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments. You always make me smile!


I'm sorry you're feeling this way today. I really admire you for being honest with your son. He's lucky to have a mom like you, Kayce!

Forget the fourty...you'll hate it later.

Hey, you don't have to apologize on your blog...it's yours and honesty is to be appreciated (certainly by me)

Yep, I have delivered from 13 to 49 and everything in between. Eventually I realized it does no good to try figuring the 'why' of some things out. I hear ya though and I get it.

I've had those days...even with two kids now, sometimes I still wish I could get pregnant again...
I hope tomorrow's better! (and I am calling you when my son is 13!)

Wow.. what a personal and inspiring post... you have come very far, as obvious from the awesome conversation with your son. I wish more parents were so accomodating to questions and honest with their children. You are a wonderful mother.

Don't gain the 40... it will make you sad in the end!! But do enjoy some peanut butter and pickles... and complain all you want!!!

What a great message to your son. I'll be calling you for pointers when I have to have that little convo.

P.S. - Okay, do I need to talk you off the ledge about gaining that weight? Don't do it! Your health is everything.

Wow, you are amazing. What an honest talk.
Yea, the forty pounds might be a bad idea but I like the buying of clothes and reminding everyone that you ARE expecting!!! You didn't offend me!!!!!