05 August 2007

Sunday, August 05, 2007 - 4 comments

No Time To Post...

...less then 24 hours til mom and dad come home!

Must clean up mess and prepare welcome home banner for parents!

6 year old has said we "can not leave" and we can't figure out how to break the news to him.

Twins taking LONNNNNNGGGGG nap...gotta go wake them before we are up until 2 am!

See you at home.....


Kayce, just wanted to pop in and say - (knocking feverishly on wood) middle school hasn't been so bad!! I actually kind of like it!! I was sooo worried about it because T is such a challenge anyway, and with his IEP and all...well, you know the deal. But our MS uses schoolnotes.com and they post the homework everyday along with other info. What a great resource for parents!! And the block system actually gives them two nights to work on HW - He has Per 1,2,3 on M/W and 4,5,6 on TH/Fri and all periods on Fri but shorter b/c Fri's are minimum days - we're in year round school here in Chula Vista. I have already been in touch with a few of his teachers - it's been refreshing...plus Taylor likes the change of having 3 teachers a day - a little more interactive and get up an d move time, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, good luck! I was scared, but I feel a lot better now almost a month into it.


Have a safe trip home!!!

hehe..I just caught up on your blog and what you've been up to. Wow..what haven't you been up to! Hope sanity reaches you soon! :) Enjoy!

Journey on and have a safe one back to the casa.