07 July 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007 - 3 comments


Oh boy! The nightmare has begun. It is time to refile our paperwork! I spent most of the day yesterday making calls, looking up information, filling out forms, making doctor appointments and yes pulling my hair out and shedding a few tears.

To make up for the headache of piles and piles of black and white, Mike brought home tickets to the All-Star events in San Francisco this weekend. So tomorrow I get to get up and go to my favorite place and spend all day watching baseball. I can only hope that the fog clears out. Yup the fog is back! The soupy, drizzily kind. So anyway, back to SF. We get to watch the Legends game and the Up and Comers game AND go to Fan Fest! We almost had tickets to the All-Star game on Tuesday, but darnit the VP of the company wanted them! That's okay, I'll settle for a day in the city and lots of fun anytime!

Gotta run! Have a great morning and run over to
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    You have such a fun blog! Hope your paperwork gets done quickly. We have such a long time until we refile..I cant wait to learn from you

    Good luck with all that paperwork. Glad to have round 2 recently behind me. Ugh! I am keeping the hope that there will not be a round 3.


    I just finished this re-paperchasing...it's good to have it behind me again. I do not want to have to do this again! :)