02 June 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007 - 7 comments


Oh what a day yesterday! Not only was it Fun and Fitness day at school, it was also the final teacher appreciation party of the year, and my last. I can't believe that in just a few short days my son will be leaving the caring, loving, safe confines of the elementary school. The entire staff and all of the teachers have been such a blessing to us and have taken such good care of my baby. I never thought that my involvement in the school would lead to such incredible friendships and that my son would receive the love he got from these wonderful people.

Advice for new moms/dads, DO IT ALL at school, not only do your children deserve it but so does the staff. Volunteering at your child's school is so rewarding! I've done more than I should have, but it has also gotten me places I never thought I'd get to. My three years as the Home and School Club (like PTO) president was the best! This year I did take a HUGE step back from volunteering thinking that I'd be busy with a baby now, boy do I wish I hadn't!!

One of the things I hold passionate is teacher/staff appreciation! This last party was INCREDIBLE!!! We took the teachers and staff sailing in the bay on the Chardonnay II and spoiled them rotten with appetizers and cocktails! What made the party more incredible was the weather. As you all have read in recent posts, the weather here has been COLD and FOGGY for WEEKS!!!!! Yesterday was no exception, except at the harbor. There was literally an opening in the fog and sunlight filled the bay for us until the end, it was a perfect night for sailing! At the end of the night I wanted to cry! These women held me and kissed me and told me how much they love my son and are so happy to have watched him grow. They told me to come back and pass around Jenny when she comes home, whenever that may be. They have been a total support for us, through thick and thin. So it was appropriate to sail off into the sunset last night for one last hurah before we sail onto the junior high. I will miss these people, but know they are still there if and when I need them.

Thank you Mar Vista for your incredible family values and your dedication to children, especially mine. I am forever in your debt!


Wow. It sounds like you had an awesome time!!! I'm so glad!!!

Would you come to my school? It is like pulling teeth to get volunteers.

Sounds like a wonderful day!!

How wonderful is that??? I'm very green over here. Also, I agree regarding volunteering at your children's schools. It means the world to them and keeps you in touch with what is happening in their world.

That's great...sounds like you had a wonderful time.

That sounds wonderful! This is our last week of school! WHEW....so ready for summer!

What a great time with wonderful & suportive people!

Taylor's 6th grade graduation is Monday! Every year I step back and say a little prayer, thank goodness he made it through another year and is going forward! School is tough for us!

Your son looks very happy :)