31 May 2007

Thursday, May 31, 2007 - 9 comments

A little humor in times of need

So it's pretty bleak out there right now in adoption land, so I just got this email from my mommie and had to share! As many of you know, I'm totally addicted, I mean LOVE tattoos and yes I may need this someday! Enjoy the laugh...


Thanks for the laugh!

That's funny, I needed that!

That is funny!!

Keep smilin!

Oh my gosh. I am rolling! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it!!!! I'll have to show my sister this... her Tazmanian Devil tatoo is starting do look warped after 3 kids...

A much needed laugh!

That is too funny! Hmm..it looked a little painful.

hehehe!! I love it! :) Whenever I see the guys in the weight room with barbed wire tattoo's on their biceps, my mind immediately goes to how funny it will look when they're 80 and have these little arms. :)

Thanks for the laugh!!

Hey that was really funny! "The tingling means it's working" "Not the only thing you brought back fromJamaica". Har.
I admit it, I have a tattoo and wish I gave it more thought when I got it.

That's a crack up!