15 June 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007 - 9 comments

Nothing but sleep

My sweet little boy, okay pre-teen boy, is pretty sick. It looks like he's got strep and the poor thing has been sleeping for days now! The best part is that he wants me to hold him!!!!!! Can't get enough of that from a 12 year old. If there is anything that takes away the baby wanting doldrums, it's that!

Some other more positive things going on here that are making the days bright is the weather! Holy Shit it is down right HOT here!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I also got my basket of veggies for the week and that just makes me smile every Thursday! My neighbor and I participate in a veggie coop,
  • Two Small Farms
  • so once a week we pick up our box and split what's inside. Check it out!

    Something else fun...Yesterday I started with a new client. Her home is ummmm phenomenonal!!! Anyway, come to find out she's pretty famous. That just made my day when I found out. She's not famous like a movie star, but someone who is in the news with politics. Pretty Cool!

    Well I've got to go start the day and prepare for the weekend. We're gardening and hosting a fathers day BBQ. And of course I will be forcing myself to stay sane by meditating!


    Love your blog..Hope he feels better soon!

    I love the veggie coop idea. I have a friend that mentioned it to me but I didn't know what she was talking about. Sweet photo of your son. I hope he feels better and still lets you hold him. :-)

    Tell Jake I hope he gets better soon!!!

    Strep throat. Ugh. Had it a couple of months ago. No fun. Fresh veggies. Yum! What a cool idea.

    I sure hope your little guy is feeling better soon. Strep is awful. That is such a cute picture of him with the pup.

    What an amazing basket of fruit. I sure wish we had a place like that around here.

    I hope he is feeling better soon!

    Have a good papa day...enjoy the BBQ :0)

    I hope Jake is feeling better soon! What an adorable picture of him and Molly sleeping together! :)

    Those veggies look delicious! I want some! I love fresh fruit and veggies!

    Um...yeah...can you send some of those strawberries my way?!?!? lol Thanks for the b-day wishes!

    I hope your little guy will be feeling better soon...it's too bad he is missing out on the nice weather.