28 May 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007 - 3 comments

When the fog comes rolling in

It is definitely Memorial Day Weekend here in Santa Cruz county. Our city is so full of outdoor activities, from the Air Show at Watsonville airport, the Art and Wine festival in Capitola, and the Blues Festival in Aptos. It is a MAJOR hopping weekend here! But it is cold, dreary, drizzly, and no sun except for about 2 hours in the late afternoon. It is actually never sunny in our little sleepy area during this time of year and man it is HARD to get motivated to do ANYTHING!! So yeah, we've done not a thing this Memorial Day weekend except watch movies and sleep. YUCK!

Please bring us some sunshine! I'll even take referrals as a ray of sun!


Sound lovely with all the festivals but I agree. Sun makes it all a lot more fun.

Hope the rays are soon reaching you again.

Keep smilin!

Then again, lounging with the fam and watching movies sounds pretty good.

Hope all turned out well.

Can we swap houses for a week? You can take our 95 deg. weather and we will take your drizzle!!!! :)