27 May 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007 - 7 comments

It all so new right now...

So I need to do this thing to make a change in our community and I need to do it to make myself calm down. Our small community does not have a teen center or a place for teens to "hang" after school. Our junior and senior highs have incredible sport programs that do offer kids a place to be after school hours, but there is nothing else except the beach or under the train trestle.

So what my intentions are is to create safe places for kids to go to after school. Obviously if I had a ton of money I'd rent a space between the two schools and have it be the safe place, but for now I am reaching out to the community. Reaching out in terms of families opening up their homes for kids one or two days a week or when ever they have a few hours to offer. At each home there would be a structured activity planed that of course is teen friendly but will bring out the child in them. For instance there could be a movie day, a game day, a swim day, cooking day, an art day, and my personal favorites days to just sit and chat or listen days.

Each house would follow the same rules that the kids would have to abide to:

NO drugs or alcohol
NO bullying
NO negativity
NO social boundaries - everyone is equal, the cliques are left at the door step.

I want each child that comes through a front door to feel safe that they will not be pressured to be cool, act different then themselves, or afraid that they don't fit in.

All of this right now is so fresh to me and I'm not even sure if it is something that will be anything. I have started asking people if they would be willing to open their homes and the response has been good. I do need to find donations so that I don't go broke coming up with activities and food because them kids EAT! My dream is to eventually have a space that is an after school center for teens, it is a dream right now, but hey you never know! But for now my home is open and is a safe place that a teen can come in and feel welcome, warm and safe for at least a few hours.


What a GREAT idea!!

Corporate sponsors can write things off...

It's a great idea, Kayce. Check with Target and other corporations in your area. They may be able to donate items and $$ for your organization. You will proabably have to start a NPO in order to qualify for any donations, though.

Good luck!

Sounds like a GREAT idea. You seem to be on the right path! Follow your dream! I think it is a great one!

This is a great idea, I am positive that your local council or big corporate companies would be willing to give this idea financial support.

Does your town have town meetings? I think that your idea would be a great topic there. Maybe someone has a barn that could be converted or an unused storefront.
I think your idea will appeal to a lot of people.

All caught up now. Crazy!!

You go girl! I know you will be successful.

Keep smilin!

Good for you!! I love that you not only get upset, but you take action! As I've said before, You Rock!! :) I wish I lived closer, I would volunteer my house!