08 May 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 - 7 comments


Life right now has many ups and downs. But if I stop and look around me, I see the beauty that surrounds me. We have been landscaping our front yard and it is looking like the sanctuary that we want it to be. I will post pics when it is officially done.

Another thought that has taken over my brain this week is what Saturday and of course Sunday is around the world. Saturday is Birth Mothers Day. I will be planting a rose for Jennifer's birth mom on Saturday. I may not know anything about my daughter yet, but I'm sure her birth mom is going through many phases of emotions right now. She may have just found out she is pregnant. Or she may be living in poverty and wanting a better life. She may not even be pregnant yet and just struggling with her daily life, thoughts and emotions, just like me. But regardless of what is happening in her life, I am thinking about her. If I could wrap my arms around her today, I would try my hardest to absorb her fears, worries, and loss. Saturday we will celebrate her, who ever she is.

My other thoughts of Mothers Day on Sunday, kind of make me sad. I didn't want another Mother's Day to pass with out my friends daughters in their arms. So on this Mother's Day I will celebrate not just my mom, but my friends who will be moms someday soon. I will think special thoughts and make special wishes just for them, because dang it they deserve it the most!!!!!

For all of us. Take a moment and stop today, tomorrow or the day after that and look at the first thing you see and look for it's beauty. Admire it's beauty no matter how ugly, gross, or enchanting it may be.


I didn't know Saturday was BirthMother's Day. Thanks for sharing that.

I like the idea of planting a rose.

Such a nice idea to plant a rose for Jennifer's birth mom. Thank you for thinking of us mom's to be also! :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

I did not know that about Saturday. Thanks for sharing this & reminding us.

Keep smilin!

Well said....

I love the idea of planting something to remember Jennifer's birthmother by... very sweet.

...and I too thank you for thinking of us Mom's to be! I C A N N O T W A I T to be a Mommy!!! :)

I really like this post. I wish you a Happy Mothers Day!

Beautiful idea!