04 May 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007 - 8 comments

A girl and her dog spot.

So there is this little girl named Hannah Cate who loves to cause smiles in her wake. The day she turned two was the day of fate for her and her newest dog appropriately named Spot. Oh how Spot is loved and adored by her new owner Hannah Cate, Spot follows her around in her wake. They both spread smiles and laughs and of course you may have to give a belly rub or two as they walk the world with eyes all agape. Hannah Cate is sure to make known what Spot is not allowed to do by showing her what hot and what is not. She'll even be sure you stop to say hi to the cutest dog walking by!


OMG - that is too cute!

hehe!! Too cute! I bet he was easy to potty train! :)

Very cute! She just makes me smile!!!!!

That is too adorable!

A girl & her dog.

Keep smilin!

How adorable is she?!?

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So cute! love the dog!