23 April 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007 - 8 comments

Rainy Days and Mondays....

....Never get me down! I so love rainy days and I am now totally in love with Mondays for many reasons really. Mondays for me are my first of 3 me days of my week which as a part time stay at home mom, I LOVE THEM!!

My Mondays are spent taking Jake to school if I have him, taking Molly to the vet, then on to do the grocery shopping, then home to finish the laundry. I also wonder around the house picking up after everyone, since I quit my job my husband doesn't pick up a damn thing anymore. I'm cool with it though, because I'm a forever active person and it keeps me busy putting his shoes, tools and discarded clothes away. Besides he always tells me he leaves stuff on the floor now, just to see me bend over! :)

Every other Monday I get to pick Jake up from school after he's been at his dads. He goes to his dads every other week from Wed-Monday morning. I LOVE my every other Monday, I get to see my son and it's amazing how it is so incredible to me. My afternoons on Mondays are my first of 2 or 3 two hour workouts of the week. My Monday 2 hours is hard and heavy, it makes for a great start to the week!

So I'm off to fold, fluff, vaccumm, and maybe pull a weed or two. Anyone wanna come over for a cup of tea??


Sounds lovely!

Enjoy. Except the picking up part...you need to see him bend over once in a while too!

Keep smilin!

Just finished a lovely mint green tea.

Just started to pour here.

I would love to come for a cup of tea!

Two hour workouts. I'm impressed.

Wish I could join you for tea! One of these days:)

Tea would be lovely! :) How about Saturday? Hee hee.

I would come over in a heart beat! Mondays are tough for me, it means I have to get up early after 2 days of sleeping later. I don't mind going to work though.

Oh, if I could, I would be RIGHT over for a cup of tea!!! I so wish that I had your Mondays!!!