24 April 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - 8 comments

Please DON"T Do This!!!

For there are several things that should not happen in the gym, no matter if the gym is ladies only.

You must not work out in your jeans and silk blouse, I don't care if you're only walking on the treadmill. You FREAK me out!

You should never wear a shirt that only covers your breasts and shorts that barely make it to your belly button if you are carrying a keg or 12 pack! That type of outfit is reserved for the incredibly fit woman who has a MAJOR 6 pack going on! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that you think you are hot and shit, but come on!

Please DON'T sit in front of me with your legs spread wide to do some weird ass yoga pose. ESPECIALLY after you just did 2 hours of cardio....Your freaking lady parts STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT come into the gym with NO iPod, Walkman or whatever and do a full on Broadway dance around the gym with the music that is provided by the gym. I'm sorry but your pop music gyrations and Credence Clearwater Revival DO NOT MIX!!

And most of all PLEASE do not do this!

ESPECIALLY if you are about 60!!! I'm sorry hun, but that thong leotard and leg warmers look went out in 1996! I really think it's cool that you workout in that VERY BRIGHT get up everyday, but it really doesn't look good on you. You are really fit, but PLEASE go to the mall and look for a new style.


Don't you mean 1986??!

You need to check out this Sanjaya post by the way, it will make you smile :)


Jeans? I can't imagine the chaffing that must happen.

Good pointers! Now only if the people who need them would read them.

Those are great! You should have the gym post those new rules.

Keep smilin!

I am cracking up.

Very reasonable rules :0)

I agree, but I really can't speak because my butt-(which should have nothing spandex touching its largeness) isn't even going to the gym :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog....I am just cracking up over here, because I see some of these looks at the gym I attend.....however I just try to block it all out of my mind! lol

OMG that is too funny!!! People actually WEAR leg warmers still???

Ha!! You crack me up!