22 April 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007 - 7 comments

I'm going MORE green!

Okay so we live an okay green life, cloth napkins, cloth grocery bags, recycle the hell out of everything, don't use plastic, and eat 90% organic. BUT we are vain about the lighting in our home. After watching
  • Dear Oprah
  • , we had to bite the bullet and change out the light bulbs in the house. We just returned from Home Depot, $350.00 poorer (got wood stain too), and now I've just changed out about 70% of the lights in our house. SO we spent $150.00 on the uber ugly light bulbs and we are now supposed to save around $900.00 a year on our PG&E bill! It better work, because that's a lot of Jade in China!

    Soooo, as
  • Oprah
  • has asked the nation to pick something to make their lives more green, could you tell me too....I want to hear all your green thoughts!

    PS - My big ass Yukon that many people thinks is causing the greenhouse effect...yeah NOT, it's Flex Fuel, which means I can drive around on corn (ethanol) if I want to!



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    We have changed many bulbs, but with the 'ugly' bulbs as you call them, are not very 'soft' in their color and they take too long to get bright. We WILL get used to them...

    I have ugly bulbs too. They are a bit weird and I am just changing them as my others croak out.

    We have switched the lightbulbs too. It does take some getting used to, but I am starting to like it.

    Happy Earth Day!

    We are in the process of switching our bulbs too.
    The thing I would like to start this year is composting.

    My Yukon is flex fuel too, but I'm having a hard time finding ethanol around here.
    We have some of the energy saving lightbulbs, but not everywhere in the house yet. They aren't as bright, so some places I am keeping traditional light bulbs.

    We use the funny looking lightbulbs too...we have a compost pile and we recycle! :) We're not totally "green" but we are trying!!

    I...hmmm...shop at Trader Joe's???

    You inspired me today. I will think about this and make a change in at least one thing that I can do to make our world greener. Thanks!