21 March 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 - 8 comments


Okay I know there is no working out Wednesday post today! Sorry, but it's been crazy here and yes today was the big day for me....I've got a fu..in' tattoo!!!! If you've never had a tat before, the feeling after it is done is literally euphoric and for the past several hours I've been just floating and feeling mighty awesome! Check out these pics! OMG I've got the tattoo I've wanted for YEARS!!

The pain was okay, but it did hurt when he went across my vein on the underside of my wrist, I actually thought I was gonna pass out. The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes and I couldn't be happier! And higher!!!!

PS: Molly is home!! She is doing great! She goes back on Monday for Chemo....Thanks for all your kind words and wonderful thoughts!


Woohoo! You did it. Yeah, I bet that was a little nauseating on the inner aspect. Youch!

Never have to worry about putting on that medical jewelry again.

Wowee! Congratulations!

Wow! It's a lot bigger than I thought, but it looks great.

Super cool tat and super cool news! Good all around!

Keep smilin!

Yikes! That sounds like it hurt. I'm too chicken, although I do think about what I would choose if I ever took the leap. LOL.

Oh Leda take the leap!!! I'm ready for my third...but am waiting until we are matched and/or possibly back from China. It will be something to do with family, my kids and a red thread.

You are so brave and beautiful! I love it! I'm showing my sister today!!

You rock! I'm way too chicken. :) I like your design!