20 March 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - 3 comments


Well we've hit a little bump in our road with Molly. She went in yesterday for another Chemo day, but they couldn't do the treatment. Molly's white blood cell count is VERY low and she was running a slight fever. Well this morning the poor thing woke up shaking and VERY VERY weak. I rushed her to the hospital only to find out she had a temp of 106. It looks like she is septic, and I'm sorry I can't explain what that all means right now because I'm still doing my research. The doctors admitted her to the hospital in ICU where she will be on an IV with fluids and large doses of antibiotics.
At this point she will be there a minimum of 24 hours. Keep her in your thoughts.

Meanwhile at home I have a very sad little one who doesn't understand why she has to be all alone for the second day in a row. Oh boy tonight is gonna be tough!!


I am sorry to hear that. I will keep you all in my thoughts and I hope you get some good news!

Keep smilin!

:-( sending out molly dog prayers...

Sweet Molly...I'm thinking of her!