19 March 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007 - 9 comments

Went out to Ikea!

Wow what a frickin incredible day I had yesterday!!!!!! First off I got to spend the entire day with my husband! Just the two of us! The day was already perfect at that point. Well as I said in my last post we were off to Ikea, I've never been there and now I want to live there. So I get to Ikea we have to drive this HORRIBLE road called Highway 17! (Steph, you remember this road right??) Well I just thought I'd give my sweet always driving me everywhere husband the day off and I would drive HIM around! SO for the first time I drove 17! I have lived in Santa Cruz county for 11 years and have NEVER driven that road. It scares me to death! It's one of California's deadliest roads. BUT I DID IT!!!! ALL THE WAY TO PALO ALTO!!!! I can not wait to do it again, of course with Mike in the car sweet talkin' me!

So yeah I drove to Ikea, and of course was like a kid at the McDonalds playground for the first time. (Yeah I know I don't get out much). We spent 2 hours there and walked out with only $72.00 worth of stuff. GOOD JOB KAYCE!! Well as we're driving back over the hill, I mean ME driving back over the hill, Mike said we should make a quick stop. Okay cool! I'm way excited now! You know why....

Because I only spend $72.00 at Ikea and the stop my husband wanted to make was to get

Dear Lord Sweet Baby Jesus!!!! I've wanted this car for YEARS!!!! It's sitting in my driveway.

I have to go to school and pick up my son now!


You have me laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!
First, congrats on getting over the hill... that's a very scarry one! Baby steps!
Second, congrats on only spending $72.00 at IKEA...that's very hard to do!
Third, HOLY COW! Congrats on the new car!! It's awesome! Now... who gets to drive it and what did you do w/ your station wagon????

Congratulations!!!! There's nothing like a new car! Have fun.

Congratulations!!!! There's nothing like a new car! Have fun.

It's beautiful...

Now THAT's a good day.

Hmm..I'll have to remember that one. Behave decently at store and mama gets a new car on the way home ;0)

That is a DEF good day! Nice set of wheels!

I am passing this post along to my husband...hint hint hint!

Keep smilin!

P.S. IKEA is addictive! Love it!

How awesome is that?!? Sometimes we all get so caught up in the adoption world - sounds like you had some quality live in the moment time! :)

OMG!! What a stop..nice car!! Enjoy!