29 March 2007


Congrats on passing the big one....I hope we don't see another 'big one' roll around before we see our girls.

OMG! I can't believe I didn't say Happy One Year LID'ary this morning! I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..don't even go to the "we may have another 365 days more to wait" place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 things I've learned from Kayce over the last year:

5. Bad fish oil makes you sick.
4. LID is not Tupperware.
3. Wednesdays are more than hump days.
2. Red thread is not string.
1. Hearts heal.

Thank you for sharing your last year with me. Stay strong. Love Allison

Happy, happy, happy 12!!!! I think we have 6-8 months to go!!!!! On the downslide!! Congrats for making it this far.

Happy 12 month LID anniversary!! You rock and I am so glad I have gotten to know you through this wait. You are such an uplifting, enjoy life to the max, kinda girl. Thanks for being you.