27 February 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 2 comments

It's More Than Just Exercise! - Working Out Wednesday!

Okay we're back!!!! How are your abs?? Are you standing taller, feeling leaner?? I know I am! I did 400 crunches yesterday and MAN am I in PAIN today! But hey it feels great and one of my goals is to buy myself an expensive bathing suit this year instead of one from Target! So the pain is WAY worth it!

So as you know today we are going to talk about WHAT ELSE you should be doing besides getting fit in the gym, sidewalk or your living-room. You should watch what goes down to the tummy. I can not unfortunately talk about diets, because I am not a believer and I've never been on a diet. Okay well actually one, the Atkins. I wound up in the hospital and lost a day of my life. I do have to explain why I've never been on a diet though. I AM IN NO WAY one of those people who can eat what they want and never gain a pound, I'm just a type one diabetic. Since I was seven I've been on a "diet" of sorts, it's actually the diet we should all be on! It's portion sized, it's all the food groups, it's consistent and it as healthy as all get out. As I've gotten older I've changed my "diet" to be all natural or all organic, but I still follow the same guidelines as the American Diabetic Association recommended diet. So that's my diet story....

BUT what you put in you food wise is in control of ONLY one person, YOU!! You choose what you want to eat and how much and what diet works best for YOU!!! Just remember what else you need...SUPPLEMENTS!

I use several supplements and I don't add more than I need. Of course I take a multi, which is made by Rainbow Light, excellent company!!! I also recommend a food based multi, that way you're not getting more than your body can use of certain vitamins, too much vit C is not good for your organs, but if vit C comes from food sources, it's "natural" and will not be stored in your kidneys or liver. I also use a food based Calcium supplement from Rainbow Light as well, hey us girls gotta look hot when we're 90!!! But my most favorite supplement is Fish Oil! NO JOKE!!

Fish oil is the single most important thing you can put in your body! IT IS ESSENTIAL!!!! Several years ago I used to do the marketing for a company called Nordic Naturals. I walked in there not knowing a thing about fish oil, I left with respect and more knowledge than I ever thought I'd get from a job. I do want you to know that I'm in no way pushing Nordic Natural products on you now, I DON'T WORK THERE ANYMORE! BUT you MUST take fish oil! Regardless of if it's Nordic Naturals or not. If you want quality, Nordic's your best bet, but so is Purity Products and Carlson Labs. OKAY enough of the push for FISH OILS!

Here's why you should take them:

Hair - SHINY
Circulation - GOING STRONG!
Mind - BUZZING and ALERT!!!!

I'm not kidding! Here's the low down. Fish oil is essential to our bodies. Essential meaning that our bodies NEED it, but can not produces it. SO when it's not there, our bodies DO NOT function properly. Our brain cells don't get the message clearly, our skin and hair is dull and lifeless, our heart is pushing harder to get the blood through our bodies and our eyes are not full of the fluid we need to keep them moist. And for women, our monthly cycle is struggling to function because of the lack of nutrients we need during that "traumatic" time. And yes it is traumatic! It's not just those things but soooo much more. Please check out these links for more information. Take the time to learn about it and for Gods sake go out and buy some fish oil!!!!!***

  • Nordic Naturals

  • Omega Research

  • Carlson Labs

  • Purity Products

  • ****You ask, "well what should I look for in a quality fish oil?" FRESHNESS!! Open the bottle and smell it. Does it smell like um shitty fish?? DON"T buy it, return it, throw it away!!!!! Get as far away from it as you can. It is rancid! You take it and it's just like taking pre-coursers to cancer. Free radicals! BAD BAD BAD! Go to your local health food store and do some investigating! ASK QUESTIONS. Call the company that manufactures the fish oil. Do they answer your questions or seem lost? Will they send you samples to try, along with the paperwork regarding the quality of their oils. Are they PHARMACEUTICAL grade? Do they pass US and European standards? Essentially, do they smell good; product AND company. You know when you go into a store and the person behind the counter doesn't know crap, STAY AWAY from that fish oil company. You will know when you get BAD fish oil...you'll burp it up ALL DAY!

    These same ideas go for ANY supplement you take. The company you choose to purchase your products from should have HIGH standards. AND I MEAN HIGH! We are worth it. DON"T put crap in your body, you'll pay for it later.

    Do you have any suggestions for supplements? What kinds do you take? Let me know. I'm always on the look out for new companies. Here are a few of my favorite supplement makers and or companies I've worked with, met or fullllllllly trust.

  • Flora Health Product

  • Jordin Rubin - The Makers Diet

  • Rainbow Light

  • Source Naturals - Wellness Formula

  • Here are some great links for integrating natural products into your life:

  • Natural Health Mag. I LOVE THIS Magazine!

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Alive Magazine

  • And now for the meal of the week....YUMMMMMM Check this out! It's on my menu planner for this week!
  • Mediterranean Quinoa

  • See you next week for more of Working Out Wednesdays! Next weeks topic will be arms, because summer is on the way and we need to banish arm flab!!!!


    I love the whole thing about fish oils! The list about why we should take it is very convincing!! I love this post!! :)

    Good Post!! I take Fish oils every day. They really do what you said! Way to encourage us bloggers to be healthy!

    You Rock!