27 February 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 2 comments

I know I know!!! And of course and update on Molly.

Yes I changed my skin AGAIN!!!! Sorry....LAST time I promise!

SO yes I do have an update on our Molly. She is doing REALLY well. She started Chemotherapy last Friday and handled the first treatment well. Her prognosis is good and as long as she handles the treatments then we should have her in remission in about 6 months. From there we can continue to see her beautiful face for the next year to 3 years.

The treatments are pretty extensive, no not expensive, extensive. (I'm not even going to go into expenses because you will all freak out!). Anyway, she has weekly chemo treatments for the next 4 weeks then a week off, then another 4 weeks of treatements. After that we go to everyother week for 17 weeks. It is time consuming and can or will be difficult at times, but we are prepared. The side effects for animals are about the same as us humans, except she wont loose her hair. I beleive that is because dogs don't have hair folicles, but I could be wrong. She will loose her wiskers though. We also may have to deal with some vomiting and diarehea, (I hate that word, so I always spell it wrong). Ohter than that, Molly should have a normal life and be happy. YEAH!!! She has had some loss of energy which was to be expected, but other than that she's GREAT!! I'll try to give you all updates when I can. If you have any ideas, questions or what ever regarding doggy Lymphoma, I'd love to hear!

See you all tomorrow for Working Out Wednesdays!


Nice new look!!!!!
...and... I will keep Molly in my prayers!

Oh Kayce, I am sorry about Molly. I am so glad that she is on Chemo and doing well. Dog's are the best. : )