07 February 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 - 1 comment

Better (and Better)

Okay! So I'm better now. My mood lasted only so long, actually until I did one thing. I went to the gym.

Almost a year ago we logged our dossier in China and I became a wreak. I began to drink more. Eat more. And cry more. Then Mike and I looked at ourselves and said my gosh we look terrible! I gained 52 pounds since I met my husband and yuck I looked like poop! So we decieded to join the local gym. At first it was okay. I wasn't toooo motivated, geez I'm a busy mom with a business to run and a house to control, how am I supposed to go to the gym! Mike and I would go together at first. Mostly on the weekends when Jake was at his dads. We could only go every other weekend. We almost gave up. Then a good friend joined the same gym and I started going with her. Then I started going while Jake was at tutoring instead of sitting in the car talking on the phone or spending money I didn't have. Then something happened. I lost 25 pounds. HOLY SHIT!

Something else happened too. My mind went from constant thoughts of China, rumors, babies and all things pink to what I have now, right here. Yes I still do have my days, but they only last as long as it takes me to go work out. I get to the gym and my worries are gone. You could say I've become obessed. I've turned my obession for our daughter in to an obsession with the gym. I must say it's very gratifying!

I'd like to pass on what I've learned in the last nine months. What I've learned at the gym, about my body and about myself. So I'm going to have a weekly post of things to do at home or at the gym that helps me and could rev-up your work out or even get you to take away some of this adoption stress.

We'll call it...Working Out Wednesdays!! SOOO check in on Wednesdays and lets all work together to make ourselves healthier in body, mind and spirit! Please let me know if you've got any thoughts or tips...


Ahh. I'm glad you are better today! I was going to call you, but the day got out of control! I already slacked off from running...I need to go for it today! It's just so nice and rainy outside.... it makes me want to curl up by the fire!!