07 February 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 - 1 comment


I'm sorry to do this, but I have to. I'm sad! I'm tired of this wait! I'm tired of the rummors! I'm tired of the review room! I want Jennifer home!

I woke up on the sad side of the bed today and now it's worse after I've read all my morning blogs. Oh those faces! When will this wait be bearable?? When will things speed up. I HAVE GOT TO STOP LOOKING AT Rumor Queen! Her analisys of referals puts us somewhere in the middle of 2020!! Well actually not that far out, but close! I'm dying here!!!!! Now I've got to go to work and clean someone elses house and not my own! OH BOY IT"S GONNA BE A SHITTY DAY!!! Okay, there is one or actually two bright spots, it's a half day home at 12:30 and I FINALLY sold my hutch and dining table! Which means, now there is room for the baby kitchen for the baby we dont' have!

Sorry I'm such a sorry butt today!


OHHHHHH. Big Hug. I would try to say something...but it's all been said by now. I can just say "I know"...and try not to look at the projections too much. It's not good for the heart.:) I'll talk to you later.... YOU NEED A BIG DISTRACTION!