18 January 2007

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The China Report

So when you are in sixth grade you get to study world history for the first time! Well having a sixth grader this year and also having a HUGE interest in China, Jacob was given China to do his country report on. Gee what a surprise! Well, let me tell you, what an easy report if you are obsessed with said country! My sweet sixth grade boy did a PHENOMINAL job on his report. He talked about everything including the issues going on with abondoned baby girls. His oral presentation included many "props" that we have received from people who have been to China and lots of other fun stuff. He brought in his favorite Chinese dish, Orange Chicken and proceeded to entrance his peers. The teacher and the other kids said his report was by far the best out of 33! I'm so proud! My pride was boosted to the point of tears when he brought home his grade! He received the highest score in both oral and writen! Way to go buddy!!!!!!!!Download china_oral_report.pdf

Download china_report.pdf