18 January 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007 - No comments

Happy Dog!

So not only do we (humans) eat almost all organic and natural food in our home, but so do our dogs.  Yes folks, our dogs DO NOT eat Alpo.  We won this box of dog food at a school function a few years ago and our dogs have been healthier for it!  They LOVE their food....and so do we.  I mean it's actually REALLY good!  NO seriously!  It's all people food, well kinda, it's still dog food, but...It has oats, barley, dried veggies, garlic, parsley and other herbs and grains.  We have to cook it up and add ground turkey meat and let me tell you, when it's cooking my house smells WONDERFUL!!  Check out the company and the pics of Happy Dog dog food!
Happy Dog Img_2389