18 January 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007 - No comments

Foto Friday Fun

In our house, pj's are called Jam Jammies!  My sweet Jake has gone from wearing the cute bunny footed ones to now boxers if I'm lucky!  But last years Christmas morning was a "normal" look for him when he comes downstairs after awakening...It's camo and airplanes or camo and camo or camo and no shirt, or camo boxers and yeah you get the picture. 

  I of course couldn't resist this picture of Jake getting something fun!  O Boy I can't wait till this Christmas....He has NO IDEA he's getting a computer!!!!  All he wants is some computer game (Marine Tycoon) and that's it!  So we thought....he might want his verrrrry own computer to play it on!!!  Oh boy I can not wait for the surprise.....ANYWAY..Heres my picture!Img_1552

Dear God he's gonna kill me if he ever know's I put this picture out here!!