17 November 2010

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Black and White Wednesday - 19 ways I love you so

Today my sweet girl you are nineteen months old.  Time is moving rapidly forward and I treasure each and every minute I have to watch you grow and explore in your world.  I find it amazing that nine months has passed since I first held you in my arms and you've gone from a tiny eleven pound bundle to a beautiful 22.2 pound and 31 inch long toddler!  On this black and white Wednesday I give you nineteen things I love about you today!

~ My love overflows for you when you come up to me and give my leg a hug and say mama.  Melt!

~ I love the way you wake in the morning...you stretch and make little noises before you gather your books and babies and quietly read to them before you call for mommy or daddy to come get you.  I always sit and listen to you on the monitor and just smile and thank God for another beautiful day.

~ I love how you pretend to be a puppy!  You crawl around and roll on your back just like Ella then you run over to the dog pillows and try to snuggle up with your Summit or Ella.  

~ I love the way you grab any kind of bag with handles and make it your purse for the hour.

~ The way you enjoy your morning cartoon which is Little Einstein's, just makes me laugh with love!  You follow along so well with your clapping and lifting your arms and your curtain call is the best!

~ I love how you always strap yourself to me like a baby monkey when a stranger talks to us and you burry your head in my arms after you give your little unsure glare.  

~ I love how you have bonded with the special people in your life like your 
grandparents, aunts, uncles and your great grandma.
~ The way your entire face lights up when you laugh is pure love and joy to me!

~ I love your sing song voice and all of the words that come singing out of your mouth.  Right now your most favorite is "no" and you say it at least 100 times a day as well as your new word "okie dokie".  
I could listen to you chatter all day long. 

~ I absolutely LOVE how you try to do everything I do from cooking dinner, brushing your hair or snapping pictures.  
You are most definitely my mini me!
~ I love that I get to be your mommy through adoption and that we get to share that with those who ask.

~ I love your adventuresome spirit!  
You are willing to give just about anything a try as long as mommy, daddy or big brother is near by.
~ I love how you give "the glare" to those who you do not know.  People always laugh at your mean little look, but I know that it is your concern with strangers.  The funny thing is though, is that when we walk away you always say good bye and wave or blow a kiss and that stranger never sees it.

~ I love our Monday's!  We spend the entire day just you and me doing chores, grocery shopping, picking up after the weekend and sometimes a sweet nap together.  It's our day.

~ I love how you let me play with your hair and how you let me style it up!  I can't wait for the days when you are brushing my hair for hours and adding all kinds of bows to it!  
~ I love that you are starting to string words together like, "more please" and "thank you" or "here mama" and that you are starting to count and point to things we ask you about like your nose or your toes.  

~ I love that you love music as much as me and that you think dancing is the next best thing besides your favorite pink blanket.  The way you swing your head is too adorable!

~ I love our mornings cuddled up in our favorite chair each with our morning cup of joe.  
We watch the sun come up through the trees and enjoy a few minutes of silence together.
~ I love that tomorrow you will have been in my arms longer than you haven't.  
The days that lie ahead are ones I long to remember and will cherish forever!
The days that have past us already are treasures to me.
I love you my sweet princess and I am SO very lucky to have you in my life and 
to have been blessed by the miracle of adopting you!
...love mommie.

Happy Wednesday!  
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Awww really cute. I love that photo where she tried to take pictures and hold the camera the wrong way hehehe. beautiful shots.


Your daughter is the cutest 19 month old!!!

Oh! She is so very beautiful. I don't know what it is about this post that made me cry but I am sitting here with tears falling down my face. I am so happy for you. So happy for all of you. I can see the tangible joy and it is a very beautiful thing.


That was such a wonderful post. You brought tears to my eyes reading all of the loving words you haven written about your sweet little girl.

I agree that adoption is a miracle. I can't imagine my life without my sweet little boy in it. We are so blessed beyond words.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


What a beautiful post! She is absolutely gorgeous! That first portrait of her is stunning. We met our youngest daughter when she was 21 months old which obviously is close to your girl's age and your post made me think of our first meeting.

Erika B

This post is just filled with all kinds of beautiful.

I simply LOVE that photo of her with the camera!!! Ab.so.lute.ly PRECIOUS!

And, I LOVE this post. Beautiful, just beautiful my friend.

I can't stop looking at the pictures.


What an absolutely sweet post! Thanks for making me smile.

What a beautiful post..about your beautiful daughter..and that line about how tomorrow she will be in your arms for longer than she wasn't..just melted my heart...

She is precious! Great pictures!

AMazing post..
Love you my friend..
Love Jennifer with the camera..
Have a great week.

What a wonderful post!!
I LOVE the picture of the bottle and the cup of coffee. Wow!!

Of course ~ all the pictures with J are adorable!!

Such a sweet post - I love the shot of her with a camera!

Oh, be still my heart - what a special post. Your love just spills out of every word and phrase. I love all nineteen of the precious things your little one is to you.

And I'm nuts for your first hot. The blk&wh portrait. It's breathtaking. Beautiful contrast and tone. Love it!!!

Enjoy this special day!!!

So beautiful. I loved every picture and every word. :)

happy 19 months old! what gorgeous shots.

I love this post. Happy 19 months. I say 2011 needs to be the year our kids/families meet. Let's make it happen!!

The first photo in this post is so beautiful I can't even got over it. Gorgeous.

That is so sweet! She has grown up and blossomed so much, thanks for sharing it with us!

Reading through this and looking at the photos made me smile over and over. The sweet words are indeed something to keep for her to see when she grows up! She is so adorable too!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog multiple times and leaving wonderful comments. And I'm looking forward to any old car or something similar photos you might take! I love it when people get inspired by others!


Such a lovely post, and the images are beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog :O)

What a beautiful list for your daughter! Wonderful photos, too. She's precious and so loved - isn't adoption such a gift?


She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot get over the transformation... it seems like yesterday you brought your tiny 11 lb baby girl home.....and look at her now? I love seeing her pictures and hearing all that she is doing. What a sweet, sweet girl! You are definitely blessed in many ways!

BTW, Marla bought the same coffee mug at Starbucks in China!! LOVE IT!



What a beautiful post and pictures, Kayce! I love the first black and white of your baby girl.
Adoption is surely a miracle on so many levels. We are blessed!


Adorable! I love the photo of her with the camera!

Gorgeous photos & such a beautiful post! You are truly blessed!

you got me at...'I love that tomorrow you will have been in my arms longer than you haven't'....


I love the shot of her with the camera!! So cute!

Beautiful post about the little cricket and I got to spend the afternoon with my grandma, and also the pictures are really delightful.

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This is so sweet. I hope you print these out and keep them for her. :)

Love the black and white photos!