Our Journey To China

It all started on December 2, 2009! The phone call came in at 1:35pm and the voice on the other end
said that we had a beautiful baby girl...that's it. Then just a few hours later we received an email that
would change our lives forever and this is the moment we saw our beautiful daughter and sisters face
for the first time.

On January 26, 2010 we went on the most incredible adventure.  This was a path set before us by God and was chosen before it was even a thought in our minds.  We left the United States with open hearts and an open mind and returned 17 days later with a new family member and a new found mindset.  Life is full of adventure but it's not what's there that's exciting, it's how you enjoy it.  We enjoyed every second of our adventure in China and are filled with much anticipation of returning to it's beautiful countryside very soon.  Oh so very soon.  Below are the buttons/links to our travel blogs...enjoy and be prepared to want to embark on this journey of love!



What a beautiful journey to your daughter!! God is good!!!

Gosh, I cried watching you embrace your little girl. You and your family are great for giving this little girl a loving home and I'm sure a way better future. She is one blessed little angel.

Just stumbled across this ... I'm crying my eyes out *at work no less* with so much happiness and joy for this perfect moment.

Thank you for sharing, God has blessed you all!