About Us

Welcome to our little piece of the internet!  This blog was started many years ago as a way for our widespread family to follow along on our journey to China to adopt a child.  Along the way our journey of love became a long and sometimes a torturous ride and the blog evolved into something more.  It is a place to not only share in our adventures as a family but a place for me (Kayce) to write which is something I am passionate about.

To know us is to enjoy us!  We are a fun life loving family which is mixed up, spit out and remolded!  We are your now typical American mixed family...his, mine and now ours!  There is Holly, Mike's daughter, who is a loving, active, beautiful girl who is on her way to becoming an EMT and is quickly moving into the next phase of her life...adulthood.   Then there is Big J here on the blog, who is Kayce's son and he is a compassionate, artistic, beautiful soul who is just beginning to understand the world.   Then there is our littlest sprout, Miss J.  She came to us through the joy of adoption and was placed in our arms by God on January 31, 2010 in Jiangxi, China.   A dream come true and a spark ignited...will our family grow??  Only God knows.  Will our family flourish?  Yes!

Our family adventures take us everywhere, from the shores of our own Northern California beaches to camping spots across the Western United States.  Camping is our passion and you'll see us doing that more than anything else!  If we're not sitting around the campfire somewhere, we're spending time with our families and friends, sitting at a baseball game cheering for the SF Giants or walking the beach near our home with our beautiful dogs, Ella May and Summit.  Both of our girls are English Springer Spaniels, with one rescued from ESRA.  While we are passionate about photography, we are far from professionals or even amateurs, we just love to capture life on film.  We sometimes love to throw in a little bit of gardening into our lives and of course wont pass up the opportunity to volunteer for school, church or a needy neighbor.  

We hope you will join us on the adventures we find amusing and find passion in the life around you!

Much love and joy!!