24 September 2012

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Long lost documenting mommy

Oh my it's been awhile!  Funny thing is though...I haven't forgotten my little ole blog, I've just been ignoring it and feeling guilty about that at the same time.  I want so badly to sit down and write, photograph, write more and document our lives but find myself instead falling flat on my face at the end of the day and saying to myself I'll do it tomorrow...tomorrow comes and goes.  I also got rid of my laptop at the beginning of summer by passing it on to Jacob and now my computer time is minimal which is nice on one hand but quiet difficult on the other.  I am determined to never getting a laptop again and trying to keep it more simple.  So that hasn't helped in my storytelling of our lives I must say.  I'm sure that if I say right now I'm getting back on the wagon of documenting my kids growth spurts, I'll most likely fail.  So I'll just do a quick little recap right now and see if maybe just maybe I can fool myself into getting back in the routine of writing again.

We've been busy but not overwhelmingly busy.  Just busy enough to cherish the "moments" but too buys to document them except through Instagram via my phone and that means I haven't had my big camera in my hands for a long time and that's starting to change!!  I did my first set of senior pictures a few weeks ago and that sparked the drive to get out of the lazy iPhone mode!  Praying it lasts!!  LOL!

The red naked egg science experiment we did for E week.  Coolest thing EVER!

Learning about ourselves during O week!
We spend many hours with our math manipulative making shapes, counting, sorting and having fun!

So lets see we've been busy doing school both publicly and at home.  And are moving right along on college applications!  Yes, I just said that.  Don't fear because I am true to form and am a mess of emotions over this next step of my boys life.  So we'll just leave it at that and move on.  Jenny is thriving at our little homeschool school and begs to do it ALL DAY LONG.  We have so much fun with science and art and the ABC's too that I might just do this again next year!  Yes I said that too!  Our Holly is currently fighting a fire somewhere in the vast forests here in California.  She is in absolute heaven!  We can not wait until after the fire season so we can get our arms around her and hear all about her adventures.  We are more than proud of her!  She inspires me to move towards achieving my dreams.

We spent Labor Day weekend getting refueled as a family at our church Family Camp...make time for the moments, big and little in our lives and making time for rest so that we can listen to the Lord, that's my new motto.  Such a great reminder for each of us and one we aren't letting go so easily.  It was a fabulous weekend and next year can not come fast enough!  I'm secretly hoping there is Family Camp Winter Style...just saying.  :)

Our days started with a yummy cup of coffee and a little hot coco with the forest all around us.  
Oh how we love this place!!

We adventured through the forest after breakfast and spent time with friends and our family before Jacob had to go to work...he was working in the kitchen the whole weekend.  

One afternoon we spent sometime finding newts...and while Jenny wouldn't hold one...
I did.  
Gotta be a brave mommy right??

We warmed up that afternoon on "hamburger hill" which is known to be not only the hottest spot in camp but one which will give you hamburger knees and elbows if you fall down it's steep slope.
Jenny got her first face paining!  Yes I cried.  :)

Our cook!
Hours of fun was had all weekend long...rockets being flown up to space or the tops of the trees, long distance water balloon toss, swimming fun, movie night on the outside stage under the stars, campfires and morning devotional time in the circle of the redwoods with a fire burning in the middle.  

We spent great moments together...with our wonderful church family and with our little extended family too.   Each and every night we would fall into our bunks just like this.  Looking forward to next year!!


GREAT post!! xoxoxo,jm

love it... your writing is beautiful!!

So much fun! It's great to read about you adventures when you have the time (and energy...oy!) to write them down.

Love ya friend!

That ear of corn is almost as big as she is!